I thought Sabrina Alexis' article was a wonderful description of what keeps women with high self-worth healthy in relationships and I hope we can all get there. Some are lucky enough to have been born into a family or have found friends that acknowledged or encouraged self-esteem and demonstrated the associated behaviours for us to emulate. I'm a confident woman but like many got into relationships early on in life, already conditioned to comply and appease and with a very different idea about what it meant to stay healthy in a relationship, what it meant to survive, never being free to assume safety in his presence, completely unaware of the existence of self-esteem, boundaries, the right to choose outcomes without dire consequences being threatened and acted out or that there are people out there that could appreciate you for who you are not what you do for them and that you have the freedom to leave those that don't. Then there's overcoming the crippling fear you've been trained to have, of being judged, failure on multiple practical fronts and in many people's eyes (who don't, won't or can't appreciate your truth) if you don't just stay/keep a roof over our heads/keep quiet/feed your kids/protect us all etc... For us this article is a great example of what to aim for. Thank you.

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