Brilliant, the power of water. I always found through life that I got my best epiphanies in the pool, skinny dipping in the moonlight or playing with the kids or just looking out to sea cappuccino in hand during a guilt-ridden escape from the office to cool off. Can’t do any of that now but a candlelit bath works wonders too. Yes I’m British. When I was recently capsized in a fast flowing river, the shock of being thrown completely unexpectedly to my doom put things clearly in perspective. What did I reach for in that split second and almost drown trying to save? Our coats. In our pockets were our mobile phones and car keys. Our transport to safety if we escaped the current, the means of contacting emergency services if we didn’t and my businesses, all the notes etc on our apps. When I washed up ashore having grabbed debris to flair and thorny bushes that tore my skin as I tried to hang on, I was able to just shrug it all off and carry on as normal save for being a bit bruised and wet. You have to carry on whatever happens and you get in life mostly what you focus on. The shower will give you your clearest indication of the things that really matter you under the surface of all the daily challenges and what you’re most suited to. Doing what comes naturally and enhancing those skills makes your life easier, more enjoyable and ultimately fulfilling. Be you but reach for super you.